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PAM is a consultancy company and integral solutions, whose directors have over 30 years of experience in various sectors of the local and foreign economy: industrial engineering, formulation, evaluation and business-project management and finances.

Extensive experience in business-project management for new companies in Panama, Colombia and Central America, managing start-ups in all their phases. We have experience in preparing market studies, feasibility studies and business plans. In addition, by collaborating in the project development phase, we have marked skills in the research of technologies design, planning, execution and control of turnkey works.

We also provide training services, in business-project management issues.



Our MISSION, to be a consulting and solutions business, which maintains lasting relationships with our customers by providing services according to their expectations through our commitment.


Our VISION, is focused on being of standard of excellence in all sectors of our services business.


Driving our business evolution, the values that guide the development integrates the organization and our employees specifically in:

  • Management Excellence
  • Orientation to results
  • Dynamism and innovation
  • Teamwork and professional integration
  • High degree of responsibility



The objective of this service is to develop actions aimed at mature the business idea, with the analysis and design of the business model and its operational and management feasibility, validated with the appropriate tools.

To this end, you will have the support of our consultants and strategic partners who will facilitate the correct start-up of your new company, through our offer of Research and Development services.

  • Legal management
  • Registration with government and private entities
  • Administrative services (accounting, finance, IT, operation management)
  • Human resources management
  • Process development.

Administrative services – start – up new co

  Constitution of the company.

✓  Board

✓  Management power

✓  Migration procedures

✓  Issuance of legal documents for operations

✓  Municipality of Panama

✓  General income direction

✓  Ministry of commerce

✓  Social security fund

✓  Engineering technical board

Supplier management

✓  Opening a bank account

✓  Debts to Pay


✓  Receivable accounts – collections

Cash – Bank

✓  Accounting record

✓  Issuance of financial reports

✓  Tax advice

Payroll calculation

SIPE registration

Payroll payments

✓  Process definition

✓  Implementation of information systems

Customer advantages:

Focus on your company’s strategic activities, your strength.

Increase savings, as outsourced companies can offer better prices thanks to the economies of scale.

Streamline process entry times.

Access to specialized multidisciplinary professionals


This service adapts to the requirements of each company that requests the service, is implemented at different levels and in areas of the organization that are not overriding, in order to direct efforts to generate competitiveness.

With the above the company has the space and time necessary to dedicate itself to the activities and processes that are the essence of it; that is, those tasks that make up the being of the business, in order to achieve its objectives.

Management Areas

  • Administration
  • Processes
  • Accounting and finance
  • Human resources

We assist in the design, development and implementation of its guidelines at both the corporate and organizational levels

We manage processes by optimizing and improving the capacity and performance of your operations and business processes


Our service offer includes:

Carry out the implementation of projects according to typical characteristics of the structures provided by the client; during the period of time that the development of the same takes place in its

 Planning execution operation

In this scheme the responsibility of the Project Management; coordination and oversight is carried out by Project Manager (PM), delivering efficient and effective results. The service responds to the customer’s need for qualified personnel immediately.

Certified resources (PMP –PMI®) for on-site or remote advice.

  • Resources with the experience in the area needed for your projects.
  • Coaching in project management
  • Outsourcing in project management
  • Hand Key Projects
  • Project Office Openings/Implementation (PMO)
  • Virtual PMO/implementation of virtual project offices
  • Transfer of methodology in project management.

Research & Development R+ D+i

Our Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+i) service covers all systematic methodical activities based on the scientific method in order to acquire knowledge; as well as the application of existing scientific, technological and business techniques.

“The success of a sustainable company is strongly associated with the ability to integrate Research, Development and Innovation into its processe”.

Our service is focused on achieving concrete results, with the aim of obtaining practical usefulness, through the analysis of the product / service oriented to the market, to mitigate the risks of investments, analyzing the market environment, feasibility and technical operability, the product/service and its manufacturing or execution processes, as well as the usefulness and profitability of the business according to the expectations of the investor.


Among the studies that are carried out, the following may be mentioned:

  • Market Studies
  • Technical Studies
  • Financial Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Strategic Business Plan




Agricultural Sector

Hotel, Tourism and Services


Construction and Real Estate


Public Sector

Telecommunications, Logistics and Transportation



Master of Assessment and Project Management. Bachelor Ing. Industrial Mechanical, Technological University of Panama. It has an international certification as a professional project, PMP awarded by the Project Management Institute of the United States. Specialist with over 12 years’ experience in managing multidisciplinary projects and evaluating new business, mergers and acquisitions, new business creation, project management and supervision of civil works.



Industrial Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. Mechanical Engineering Technology, Advanced Management Program at INCAE. Executive experience in the areas of manufacturing, distribution and retail sales. Experience in negotiation, design and implementation of projects in areas of business strategies, strategic alliances, restructuring of enterprises. Experience in business entrepreneurship and innovation. Chairman of the Board of HOPSA Group for more than 15 years, President of the Board of FUNDES and member of CEAL. More than 38 years of experience in the agricultural industry, construction, and livestock.



Masters in Design and Evaluation of Projects, Universidad del Istmo. Bachelor Ing. Information Technology, Networks and Telecommunications. Specialist in analysis, development and presentation of consultancy projects for private, public and companies and national and international organizations sectors. Specialist in the management of multidisciplinary projects, market studies, feasibility studies, financial studies and business plans.




Península Center, Piso 8, Oficina 806 Costa del Este, Ciudad de Panamá

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